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Not sure if you ready for 360 Degree Feedback? Find out more about yourself and your organisation with our specially designed fun little games!

Organisation Feedback Fit

The questions in this very quick survey have been designed to provide you with an indication of how effective your organisation might be in giving and receiving feedback.

It’s primary purpose is to establish how “Feedback Fit” is the culture of the organisation for programmes that include the use of 360° Feedback or other forms of staff participation feedback.

If you feel that you might benefit from a more detailed review, please contact us about our Behave! analysis framework.

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Honestly Speaking

We mostly believe ourselves to be honest. But how honest and how often? How much does the organisational culture and leadership impact on our standards and aspirations of honesty and integrity? This 5 minutes survey attempts to capture your view of yourself within your current working environment and then compare it against a benchmark of others’ responses.

Your responses are completely anonymous. So give it a go, you might find the results interesting!

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At CR Systems we value transparency and we truly care about our clients’ time, efforts and results – so we want to help you to fully understand your situation and needs even before embarking on the 360 Degree Feedback journey!

If you are still not clear of what suits you, then let our feedback experts guide you by giving us a call! Or if you feel more prepared now, find out what tools and services are at your best interest!

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