360 Assessment Explained in 10 Steps

Tuesday, 2 February 2019

360 assessment in 10 steps 360 Degree Feedback Services are easy to implement and consistently delivers innovative and effective results for the understanding of your business. You will make invaluable discoveries regarding the behaviours, abilities and opinions of your team and organisation.

We will also show you how to analyse and measure this data effectively in order to make clear and direct links to management objectives and leadership development – giving you the clarity to identify and progress what really matters to you.

You will save invaluable time and resources using 360 Degree Feedback and make huge strides towards learning more about your company and improving working behaviours in the process. Still seem too good to be true? Here is our 360 assessment service explained in 10 straightforward steps.


  1. Content and Process Creation

The first step in the 360 assessment procedure can take anything from a couple of days to many months depending on the circumstances of each specific case – e.g. the size of company, number of goals, communication speed, etc.

This mainly consists of the confirmation of purpose and expected outcomes, as well as the design of process, information flow and any special criteria you may have as a business owner. Other elements include: completion of Competence Framework(s), email content, Rating Scale, Web and Report Design and content.

Converting the Competency Framework to the 360 Degree Feedback Framework offered by CR Systems will be carried out alongside our professional behavioural experts and state of the art language readability tools to make sure that the descriptions and can be easily understood. Implementing a measuring scale of 0-6 is what we suggest, however, this can be personalised to your own coaching methods to allow easily measurable assessment.

Agreement on confidentiality requirements must also be met – alongside details related to data access authority, non-respondent strategy and final respondent strategy.


  1. Project Set Up

The next step and the first part of our ‘Phase 1’ in the 360 Degree Feedback process should be completed within 2 working days. This consists of subjects and timescales being sent to CR Systems two working days before the start of Phase 2. Any observers who are pre-selected by the company need to be included here for an effective process.

CR Systems standard process for setting up the assessment is very quick and efficient. If the company were to implement this themselves, there would be a lot of hassle and setting up involved. For example, ensuring data privacy, having a dashboard for the administrator, enabling reminder emails etc.


  1. Respondent Selection

Once the subjects and timescales have been processed by CR Systems then Phase 2 can begin with the Respondent Selection stage – as chosen by yourself. The respondants, or subjects, are the ones being evaluated. Usually the HR/consultants would be carrying out a specific training programme or a set of learning and development courses, and the participants would be selected either based on similar management level or same job functions. The people that will help review these subjects, the observers, will not necessarily be in the training course, but they are in the 360 project and needs to be briefed separately.

The 360 feedback review is able to interpret its data from a variety of different perspectives to ensure reliability and representative clarity. These perspectives should include managers, fellow colleagues, subordinates and the self – covering a wide range of topics from communications and management ability to personal commitment, moral rigour, office culture (relaxed? competitive? blame heavy?) and much more.


  1. Subject Briefing

Timelines are flexible to every project and we usually avoid being specific until we know the situation. the Subject Briefing consists of a manager or coach offering a personal and comprehensive brief to every individual subject before the start of the survey. Similarly, we supply a briefing document to each subject to enable them to brief the observers as well.

*Alongside this there is also an optional ‘Observer Online Selection Process’ which consists of CR Systems sending email invitations to subjects individually to confirm their selection online. The subject is able to confirm observers online immediately and can also then view the loading and decide whether they wish to accept or decline individual requests.


  1. Observer briefing

The Observer Briefing stage consists of the subject selecting between 7-11 observers and briefing them. The administrator or HR/consultant caries out all briefing before the start of the survey (never through email) using our smartly crafted Observer Briefing Document.


  1. Survey Goes Live

Now entering Phase 3, this step is a big landmark in the 360 Degree Feedback process and usually takes 10 working days to complete. You will be given complete choice over whether you wish the survey to be available immediately to subjects or have an optional delayed start until a specific date.

What makes our data so reliable? It asks all the participants to the same set of questionnaire – combining both quantitative and qualitative responses and never discriminating against the truth. It is also imperative that the reviewers are made anonymous. The goal is for them to provide feedback that will help the employee and managers focus and improve their long-term career development. During this whole process, administrators have access to a live dashboard, allowing them to monitor progress as it develops.


  1. Reminders sent to non-respondents

Until they have completed the survey, both your Subjects and Observers will receive frequent reminders throughout the process to ensure that the process is completed swiftly. Reminders can also be suppressed by confirming a completion day prior to the survey closing.


  1. Official Survey Close

Approximately 5-6 weeks into the process, the survey will reach its completion point (which will have been set by yourself in collaboration with us). This will then trigger a final analysis of response rates and highlight to you any missing ‘critical feedback’ which you set out to obtain at the beginning.


  1. Manage the Non Respondents

Now entering Phase 4 of the process: those defined as ‘critical’ non respondents will be chased up individually and by extended email to ensure that all valuable detail is obtained for the reports. This stage typically takes around 5 working days.


  1. Publication and Distribution of Reports

Our final step of the 360 Assessment Appraisal, entering the fifth step of the process, consists of processing our expert reports in accordance with the agreed non-response strategy. These reports are finally sent to preauthorised recipients of data to be analysed accordingly (e.g. subject, coach, HR admin, manager).

The comprehensive element of our 360 degree feedback alone is valuable enough to implement changes alone but an expertly designed review report will further clarify what areas of development will be most significant and effective – so why not get started today?

Can mention the benefits of having a fully administered supplier, which efficiently manages most of the above steps of the 360. This helps the HR and consultants to focus on the briefing and coaching while we take care of the technical aspects.


We’d love to work alongside you in gauging a better understanding of your company behaviours from the ground up. Contact us today for support with 360 appraisals and one of our expert, friendly team will be in touch soon.


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