How 360 degree feedback can improve your workplace culture

Tuesday, 2 February 2019

360 feedback improve workplace culture CR Systems 360 degree feedback provide a comprehensive feedback service aimed to give transparent and highly effective solutions to the personable side of your business.

360 appraisals allow you to make invaluable discoveries regarding behaviours, abilities and opinions of your team and organisation. We will also show you how to analyse and measure this data effectively in order to make clear and direct links to management objectives and development to ensure you can identify and progress where it really matters.

Keep reading to discover all there is to know about our 360 degree feedback and how it can be used to comprehensively and effectively measure the behaviour of your people and improve your workplace culture.


What exactly is a 360 degree review?

You should treat the 360 degree appraisal offered by CR Systems as a completely comprehensive and holistic review process tool which is aimed at understanding individual workplace behaviours and developing business relevant and role specific skills.

The system gets its name from the way in which it gathers feedback of the employee’s behaviour from a variety of points – all angles. Whilst a lot of businesses may just gather information about employee behaviour and opinions from one source – we give you the 360 degree view – gathering information from various points of view, including peers and reports.


Why do I need it?

We find that more HR professionals than you’d think find it very nerve-wracking and intimidating to have to deliver executive and board appraisals and gather internal feedback for top leadership. This is because the pressure and importance held by modern firms, to provide insight and solutions which others will perceive as being relevant and bring sufficient value to the business, is extremely high.

CR System’s 360 appraisal service has been proven to be effective through working alongside a whole host of different coaching consultancies and talent development firms to deliver evidence based feedback which is proven to be invaluable in measuring and developing key leadership behaviours and making a long and lasting influence upon workplace culture from top to bottom.


How exactly does it measure behaviour change?

The 360 feedback review is wholly effective in clarifying how to measure behaviour  and how to encourage these more desired behaviours in equal measure. We measure this so precisely by focusing how things are done within your business rather than typically just asking what is done. This is the most effective way of identifying the strengths that could and should be encouraged by your management team to optimise the best results.

A key way of measuring this behavioural change is by pinpointing manager blindspots of behaviour and the impact this has on the firm as a whole and its working climate. The first step we take in identifying these is finding out which core behaviours you as a business leader consider most critical to your company culture and objectives. Once these have been identified they then need to be shared with those respective team members – using an effective technique we implement called a Competency Framework (such competencies include communication skills, leadership and decision making ability).

We measure existing performance through assigning questions which will help measure these behaviours – targeting their specific attributes via statements which will allow you to assess clear strengths within the business.


How is this data interpreted?

Converting the Competency Framework to the 360 Degree Feedback Framework offered by CR Systems will be carried out alongside our professional behavioural experts and state of the art language readability tools, making sure that the descriptions can be easily understood and consistently translated among the readers.

Implementing a measuring scale of 0-6 is what we suggest, however, this can be personalised to your own coaching methods to allow easily measurable assessment. We use an asymmetric rating scale that helps to differentiate the shades of “good” because we believe by focusing on the positive behaviours will the people be really able to strive for excellence and become motivated. Great leaders are not people without faults, but outstanding in what they do best. The tags of the scales are also carefully designed to direct respondents to think in a supporting manner, instead of using judgmental words such as “Worst” and “Best” we say “Requires significant development” and “Acts as an outstanding role model for others”.


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Our 360 Degree Feedback Report will present to you an expert selection of comparisons of scores from each relation group – helping you to analyse the specific skills and behaviours of each and every individual subject – pinpointing any hidden weaknesses, leadership potential, blind spots and team impact in a totally secrete way.

Our anonymous surveys show you where your management employee’s current standings truly lie. We will translate to you through open and honest feedback what areas employees are performing well in and which areas require significant improvement – never compromising on the clarity of our information. Regular and frequent reviews moving forward from this then allow you to track progress in the desired behaviours you have pinpointed from those subject to the behaviours day-to-day.


Where does the data come from?

The 360 feedback review interprets its data from a variety of different perspectives to ensure reliability and representative clarity. These perspectives include managers, fellow colleagues, subordinates and the self – covering a wide range of topics from communications and management ability to personal commitment, moral rigour, office culture (relaxed? competitive? blame heavy?) and much much more.

How do we make our data so unfalable? It asks all the participants the same set of questionnaires, combining both quantitative and qualitative responses and never discriminating against the truth.

It is important that the reviewers are always made anonymous. The goal is for them to provide feedback that will help the employee and managers focus and improve their long-term career development. This combined perspective offers a more representative feedback response (instead of getting only the manager’s point of view) and leads to the creation of a more transparent report regarding individual employees’ behaviour, impact, and skills.
So what’s left for me to do?

The comprehensive element of our 360 degree feedback alone is valuable enough to implement changes alone but an expertly designed review report will further clarify what areas of development will be most significant and effective – so why not get started today?

We’d love to work alongside you in gauging a better understanding of your company behaviours from the ground up. Contact us today for support with 360 appraisals and one of our expert, friendly team will be in touch soon.

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