About Us A 360 degree view of CR Systems

Our Philosophy

At CR Systems our whole ethos is built on TLC (Time, Learning and Care) for every person and organisation that uses our services. It drives everything we do as a business. We try to keep a sense of fun in everything we do, whilst maintaining exceptional levels of response and professionalism. We are very proud to work with some truly amazing clients and to work in a business that can make a real difference to the people whose lives we touch.

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Our History

CR Systems first started providing 360° Feedback testing services in 1995. We are the typical story of a software based solution initially developed and run from a desk in the back bedroom that has grown into a business with many satisfied customers. CR Systems is now a small, but perfectly formed team that supports testing and survey projects across the globe. We have three customer support centres and two development offices in different countries to support global projects on a 24/7 basis. The head office team is based on the wonderful Isle of Wight just far enough from the English coastline to make us feel very special.

Over the lifetime of the business we have also expanded our services to include just about any testing requirement within a corporate learning environment.

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Our Future

We want to become the natural company of choice for the selection and use of qualitative and quantitative measurement for our two core markets of Leadership and Management Development. Our aim is to provide a completely agnostic platform so that our clients can mix and match their diagnostics and tests to suit their individual needs, without feeling constrained by any specific supplier.

Our Services Include