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  • Improve Team Efficiency and Relationships With 360 Assessments

    Improve team efficiency and relationships with 360 assessments Workplaces are always looking at the best way to maximise team efficiency and relationships. Working as a team at work can often help solve problems and get tasks done much quicker and studies show that collaboration in the workplace helps productivity. Historically though it has been the effort of maximising team efficiency that has always been a problem. The danger of wasting multiple people’s time simultaneously is obviously disastrous for the flow of work at the business. This also goes for work relationships. People who feel familiar with each other are much more likely to be engaged and productive. 360 assessments allow organisations to have a good understanding of each other can lead to a more effective team dynamic.  (more…)

  • How to Measure Behaviour With 360 Appraisals

    How to measure behaviour through 360 appraisals Delivering information on the behaviour and performance of employees can be difficult for HR departments. Businesses today are run on metrics, bosses need to see numbers to measure performance. Sometimes the ways HR look to measure employees can be too broad and imprecise without any real tangible data. 360 appraisals can be a way to combat this, with proven researched methods of collecting tangible data throughout the process. (more…)

  • The Complete Guide to 360 Appraisal System and Leadership Development

    360 Appraisal System Many HR professionals are intimidated by delivering board and executive appraisals or gathering internal feedback for top leadership, the pressure of to provide insights and solutions that will be perceived as constructive, relevant and brings business value is very high. We at CR Systems, having worked with all types of coaching consultancies and talent development firms, pride ourselves in delivering an evidence based 360 appraisal system that has proven to be effective and powerful for measuring and developing leadership behaviours and improving workplace culture. (more…)

  • The Difference Between a Free and Administered 360 Assessment

    Administered 360 Assessment Internal feedback is crucial to both personal and career development. 360 Assessments are the perfect way to gather valuable feedback and plan behavioral and skill developments.  CR Systems offer a highly customisable and flexible tool for HR managers and learning and development coaches. The 360 assessment software enables managers to measure the competence of the organization as well as the cultural fitness and capability of the employees, shedding light on how to positively influence organisational development.


  • 7 Reasons You Need to Implement a 360 Feedback Survey

    Benefits of 360 feedback surveyInternal feedback is an integral part of growth, it allows colleagues to identify skills for improvement and harness development opportunities. Feedback is a valuable and honest piece of information, used to improve performance and foster organisational growth. (more…)

  • Make your 360 degree feedback process more effective

    Effective 360 Degree Feedback Process360 degree feedback systems are a powerful way of helping employees reach their potential and grow within an organisation. Receiving valuable and accurate feedback can help employees grow in so many ways. 360 degree feedback allows employees to easily identify training opportunities, to further grow their skills and develop in their job role or function. When implemented successfully, 360 degree feedback can also improve employee engagement and efficiency, by identifying areas of weakness and learning from that to grow through the business. (more…)

  • Is your Feedback System a Trick or a Treat for your Organisation?

    trick-or-treat-with-organisational-feedbacksOrganisations that use 360 degree feedback as both an employee development tool and a performance appraisal tool may think they will enjoy all the benefits of a closed loop, efficient system that measures, informs and helps to develop all layers of the business, however they should think again.

    As a development tool, 360 degree feedback focuses on competencies and behaviours and is designed to breed a culture of continuous improvement. Appraisals on the other hand are a measurement of overall contribution and productivity and are directly linked to salary increases, bonuses and other rewards.


  • Is there a Talent Crisis in the Workplace?

    Talent CrisisAlthough the word crisis might seem hyperbolic, evidence points to a worrying state of affairs in many organisations. Oxford Economics published a revelatory survey on workforce in 2020, which found that companies are failing to manage and harness the talent of their employees effectively. Oxford Economics and SAP quizzed more than 2,700 and an equal number of employees in 27 countries. It found that many companies simply do not have the structure, culture, strategy, solutions or resources to develop the talent of their staff and get the best out of them.

  • The importance of measuring behaviour at Board level

    The importance of measuring behaviour at Board level
    The issue of inappropriate board behaviour leading to the spectacular downfall of businesses large and small has been a regular feature of the business landscape since time immemorial. Those that make the headlines become the catalysts for the next merry go round of public indignation, press repudiation and political machination. There have been several deep and serious public enquiries within our lifetimes: Cadbury Report in 1992, Turnbull Report in 1999, Higgs Review in 2003 to name a few.

  • We care about your Data!

    We care about your dataThis is a summary of our GDPR journey and the most significant learning points we had with data protection. For those of you who just like to skip to the end, here’s a quick list. It is predicated on the assumption that like us, you already believe you are doing a good job in terms of both the letter and spirit of data protection.