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We ruthlessly reduce the TIME taken for your staff to provide feedback. We build systems that significantly increase the QUALITY of feedback.


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What psychometric test is best for business recruitment and training? How can you save time in finding the suitable products and administer them?


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Want to measure employee engagement, client satisfaction and exit review better? How to design a survey that will match specifically to your needs?

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The best possible feedback in the least possible time …

360 degree feedback software is a statistically fragile tool.  It has face validity only for the measurement of behaviour, but if not designed and communicated appropriately can lead to a lot of wasted time and effort.  At its best however it can make a significant difference in changing individual and team behaviour to align with company strategy and culture. We have been supporting companies for over 20 years with 360 degree feedback services and the associated processes to support and measure the development of managers and leaders within organisations.

We can support you as much or as little of the process as your needs and budget allow.  We will nearly always show you ways to make a material difference to either the quality of the learning, the precision of the measurement or the cost of deployment.  If we can’t make a difference we are happy to compete simply on price!

The TLC (Time, Learning, Care) approach recognises that there are always constraints that have a direct impact on the shape of the final result, from time to organisational culture to budget. We have a reputation for creating processes that provide individual solutions to fit your specific needs, which is why our strap line “the best possible feedback in the least possible time” is designed to highlight the fact that there is no single best solution that fits all companies.

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My experience with CR Systems was quick, easy and efficient. They supported our need for quick turnaround without any real limitations due to borders and time. They understood our needs and customised their tools accordingly. Quite honestly, I have never had such an effortless experience with a vendor before. I would recommend CR Systems to anyone!

Director of Derigo Consulting

Business Management Services