How good is your 360° Feedback Competence Framework?3 easy steps to understand how well your Competence Framework will be understood

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Corporate Competence Frameworks always need reframing for use as 360° Feedback Competence Framework so that the behaviours can be written as clear and unambiguous statements for use in a 360 Feedback Questionnaire.

This process can seem quite complicated. However, although some expertise is required to ensure that the statements are behavioural in terms and that the statement constructs are optimised for survey use, there are some very simple steps that can be taken to measure the quality of the 360° Feedback questionnaire.

We can help you with as much or as little of the definition of the 360° Competence Framework as you wish. Here is a simple tool that you can use for yourself to help you understand how “fit for purpose” your Framework is.

If you upload your framework here, first using the template download to format your Framework, you will get an automatic analysis of the content of your framework in terms of readability and clarity. This can be very useful when discussing the content with senior management or forceful opinion holders, since it gives you an evidence based argument for change (if necessary). It is a great starting point for 360 Competence Framework evaluation.

If you would like us to provide an additional quick expert check of the suitability of your Framework in terms of behavioural construct, redundancy and repetition, just select the “Help Please” button, together with your email and telephone and we will provide you with a brief overview.

Evaluate your Competence Framework in 1 minute!

Step 1. Download the Sample CSV and replace with your Competence Framework Download sample CSV
Step 2. Save the new file on your computer
Step 3. Upload the file back here to do the magic! No File Chosen