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CR Systems Products and Services

CR Systems provides a comprehensive suite of online products and services to meet the most demanding requirements of HR professionals. Over 100 HR consultants have chosen CR Systems as their trusted partner.

The CR Systems suite of products and services covers almost every aspect of measuring the people side of any business:-
Behaviour. e.g. 360° Feedback, 180° Feedback Board, Governance, Coaching Academy, Team Development.
Personality. e.g. OPQ32, Firo B, Myers Briggs, Hogan, Insights.
Ability. e.g. Verbal Reasoning, Non Verbal Reasoning, Numeracy.
Opinion. e.g. Engagement, Exit, Client/Customer Satisfaction, Specialist/Custom Testing.

CR Systems provides the tools, tests and resources to fit your organisation’s needs like a glove. We are the natural company of choice for the selection and use of qualitative and quantitative measurement for any aspect of Leadership and Management Development. Our aim is to provide a completely agnostic platform so that our clients can mix and match their diagnostics and tests to suit their individual needs, without feeling constrained by any specific supplier.

Behave! A fantastic new tool to help you design robust effective development interventions

A 360° Feedback system is a core part of any staff development programme but to make the most of it, it must to be implemented as part of a well thought out systematic plan. A development programme is only as good as its weakest link.

Behave! is a tried and tested 6 step consultancy framework that HR consultants can licence and implement to help their clients develop robust and effective development interventions.

At last, a professional 360 Degree Feedback system that does not require any in house resource!

The value of 360 Degree Feedback as a development tool is very well known. However setting up and administering a robust, reliable 360 Degree Feedback system can in practice be a nightmare. That is why CR Systems created CR360 back in 1995 and have been improving it ever since.
CR360 is the 360 Degree Feedback system of choice for consultants and HR manager who need a reliable, easy to use system that is fully customisable for their specific client needs.
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At last an quick and effective way to measure the ongoing impact of coaching and behavioural change interventions

Pulse is a process that provides an effective way to monitor the progress of a Personal Development plan. It is a mini 360° feedback survey where you can select up to six specific behaviours from the initial 360° report that the subject has committed to change.

An invaluable new tool for managing and supporting personal development programmes in small, medium and large organisations

iGrow Personal Development Manager is a ground breaking online system to help you and your clients manage and support Personal Development Programmes. It is much more than just a record keeping system. iGrow actively identifies behavioural change goals and then delivers a tailored programme of blended learning content to encourage, motivate and support the identified changes every step of the way.

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