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At last, a professional 360 Degree Feedback system that
does not require any in house resource!

The value of 360 Degree Feedback as a development tool is very well known. However setting up and administering a robust, reliable 360 Degree Feedback system can in practice be a nightmare. That is why CR Systems created CR360 back in 1995 and have been improving it ever since.

CR360 is the 360 Degree Feedback system of choice for consultants and HR managers who need a reliable, easy to use system that is fully customisable for their specific client needs.

A CR360 programme provides the best possible feedback in the least possible time. CR360 is simple to implement and yet delivers a flexible, powerful and professional 360 Degree Feedback Report. The CR360 system has been designed for understanding and learning with everything is presented in complete blocks. The content is intuitive and simple to read with linear drill down from Macro to Micro data. It has supporting workbooks, process flow options together with a simple traffic light system.

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CR Systems have developed a specialist 360 program to meet the requirements of company directors – Board 360. Read More >>

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Here’s why consultants prefer CR360:

User Focused
The end user experience is intuitive and simple, resulting in lower support overhead and higher responder rates.

Fast Set Up
Standard templates, together with the streamlined set up and communication features typically enables complete projects to be set up in 30 minutes or less.

Automatic Project Management
Once a project has been set up, it is possible to run the project without any further intervention through to report generation. This significantly reduces your administration time and effort.

Completely Customisable
The CR360 tool can create almost any type of questionnaire and report, for any type of audience. Being the designers and builders of the system gives us the ability to say yes to your requests where others may say no.

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