Board 360 For Board Evaluation And Development Especially Designed for Board Leadership 360 Degree Feedback and L&D Purposes

360 Degree Feedback Tools – Board 360

Boards require just as much, if not more, care and attention to their performance and development as any other part of the organisation.

We understand many of the concerns and issues around the ever-increasing pressure on boards to “comply or explain”. In response to these pressures CR Systems have developed a very simple three-step process that enables boards to grow through the process of development at a suitable pace, whilst still honouring the spirit of development and need for compliance with Corporate Governance Frameworks. Our Board 360 is an evaluation framework for 360 Degree Feedback.

Our evaluation framework for Board 360 is taken from the best of Cadbury, Higgs and Walker’s recommendations covering the following areas:

  • Performance and Risk Review
  • Corporate Governance
  • Strategic Planning
  • Board and Committee Meetings
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Intellectual and Moral Rigour
  • Board Commitment and Inter Personal Skills
  • Board Effectiveness
  • Company and Industry Knowledge and Awareness

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Step 1 – Review of collective Board behaviour

Using our standard framework, individual directors give feedback on the collective performance of the board, defined against an amalgam of generic best practice behaviours as defined by Cadbury, Greenbury, Higgs and Walker. This is followed by a two hour review session with the board to agree and define the areas for potential development.
Quick, comprehensive, impersonal and effective as an entry review process because it’s all about the board not any individual directors.

Step 2 – Review of individual Directors

Once the Board members are comfortable with the approach and quality of outcome, then the same process, using a slightly different competence framework focused on individual contribution, can be applied to all Board members. Each director is marked by every other director, and each member receives a personal debrief and individual development plan that they may or may not wish to share with the board.
Detailed review enables individual directors to gain insight into the areas where they could make significantly more impact for both their own and the board benefit. It is where the real differences will take place.

Step 3 – 3 month and 6 month “micro” reviews

To ensure that the behavioural changes have been embedded into the culture a very short review mechanism is introduced to check the board and/or individual development is on track against the specific behaviours that they have committed to develop.
Transparency and auditability. Extremely efficient because it focuses only on the important.

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Pricing (excluding VAT and Travel):

Step 1 – £950
Step 2 – £500 per Director
Step 3 – £150 per Director

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