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There are 3 main drivers of direct cost to an organisation when implementing 360 Degree Feedback:

1. The cost of the 360 Degree Feedback supplier
2. The direct employee cost of the time taken to complete the 360 Degree Feedback
3. The direct HR admin cost of the time to administer the 360 Degree Feedback

In this calculator we consider only drivers 1 and 2. We can provide several options for driver 3.

How to use it?

1. Input the numbers for how many 360 Degree Feedback reports intented and the price of the report (ours is £55 and considered one of the most reasonable priced, but feel free to put in a more competitive price) which multiplied would be the cost for driver 1.
2. For cost driver 2, input the average annual salary of the employees taking part and the number of respondents for each 360 Degree Feedback subject (we suggest 8 respondents to give feedback on each reviewed subject), the calculator will divide the annual salary into hourly rates to get the cost of the time spent on each survey, which on average is 30 minutes; then multiply with the number of respondents for each 360 Degree Feedback.

The output simply put is the costs for 360 Degree Feedback reports plus the value of organisational management time.

Below the fomula, we go on to further demonstrate how our advance multi-Q 360 Degree Feedback, Behave preparation programme and Pulse mini-360 follow up can save significant time for driver 2 – organisational time value, which is the ultimate game changer and priority!

Play around with the calculator to see how much you can save in total. Alter the scenario so that it matches with your environment.

We welcome you to compare our packages with your “ideal” 360 Degree Feedback report price, as we are fairly certain the lower cost for reports is nowhere as significant as the cost of organisational time value you can reduce with us!