Wednesday, 6 June 2018

The issue of inappropriate board behaviour leading to the spectacular downfall of businesses large and small has been a regular feature of the business landscape since time immemorial. Those that make the headlines become the catalysts for the next merry go round of public indignation, press repudiation and political machination. There have been several deep and serious public enquiries within […]


Wednesday, 6 June 2017

Using an administered 360 degree feedback service has the potential to create a positive shift within any organization. A 360 feedback system is basically a resource for organizations and businesses to measure the competence of the organization as well as its employees. The system is designed to provide feedback for employees from their peers and managers in a completely confidential fashion. […]


Tuesday, 1 January 2017

There is no doubt that 360 Feedback or multi-rater feedback suffers a mixed press. How is it that some organisations champion its use and others are sceptical of any benefit at all from the process? The research over the years in general points to minor gains from the use of 360 Feedback, and yet it continues to grow in use […]