Why Use a Fully Administered 360 Degree Feedback Service?

Wednesday, 6 June 2017

fully-administered-360-feedbackUsing an administered 360 degree feedback service has the potential to create a positive shift within any organization. A 360 feedback system is basically a resource for organizations and businesses to measure the competence of the organization as well as its employees. The system is designed to provide feedback for employees from their peers and managers in a completely confidential fashion. A group of employees and managers will anonymously take surveys rating the employee for specific performance objectives and also leave written comments. While organizations may have the option to implement a system like this on their own, there are many benefits to using a fully administered 360-degree feedback service.

Improve Employee Performance with an Administered  360 Degree Feedback

One of the primary benefits of using a fully administered 360-degree feedback service is that, by focusing on the competences and behaviours required by the organisation, it can improve employee performance. Employees personal goals and objectives are usually task or skill based (eg gain 4 new clients a month or improve use of Excel), however without changes in behaviour, it is very rare that changes in performance can be sustainable. At the individual level, it is all about assessing where how the employees behaviour either impedes or supports those around them. This learning and commitment to action can be used to encourage employees to reach new heights of achievement that will benefit the individual and the organization as a whole.

Move Toward Performance Objectives

In order to get the best use of a 360 degree feedback service, it is important to consider behavioural development and associated metrics with the same respect as performance objectives for the individual and the organisation. If you have specific, measurable performance goals in place for all of the employees at large,why not have specific measurable behaviourable objectives? It will be much easier to reach overall performance objectives for the entire organization if the behavioural development is embedded alongside the performance objectives. It is for this reason, that planning and implementing the system properly is so important and it is much easier to do this with a fully administered 360-degree feedback service.

Time and Cost Effective 360 Degree Feedback

A 360 degree feedback can be very helpful to an organization, but it can also be time consuming and somewhat expensive to implement independently. The organisation will need to find significant resource for the planning and managing of the process. If the impact of the 360-degree feedback system has not been considered in terms of both individual and organisational resource and maturity in giving feedback, then the results may be unreliable or skewed for a variety reasons. This is particularly important if the 360° Feedback system has significant impact in terms of budget or personnel resource.

The use of a fully administered external service can also have further benefits beyond the obvious ones of HR resource and quality of feedback. The storage of the feedback on independent servers can give staff the confidence that their data or concerns about the process are being handled confidentially. Most fully administered systems also provide both administrative and technical support, reducing or eliminating the requirement to source from the organisation’s IT department.

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