360 Degree Feedback

The most important thing with 360 degree Feedback is to ensure you obtain the best feedback you can with the least time burden on your staff. This requires different solutions for different environments. We have been designing and managing bespoke 360 Feedback solutions for almost 20 years. We can support you with every aspect of […]

Psychometric Testing

We provide a truly unique service that significantly improves the experience for candidates taking the tests as well as the poor souls who have to administer them. We can provide any test from any supplier from SHL to OPP and all the stops in between. In addition to this we can save you time and […]

Engagement and Custom Surveys

We design and manage Engagement, Satisfaction and bespoke surveys and tests. These can be from a standard suite to provide benchmarking comparators or a completely customised process for a specific requirement. As with all our survey products they can be presented in multiple languages and every aspect of the process can be modified to suit […]


My experience with CR Systems was quick, easy and efficient. They supported our need for quick turnaround without any real limitations due to borders and time. They understood our needs and customised their tools accordingly. Quite honestly, I have never had such an effortless experience with a vendor before. I would recommend CR Systems to anyone!

Nonprofit HR Solutions

Getting the right result

At CR Systems our whole ethos is built on TLC (Time, Learning and Care) for every person and organisation that uses our services. It drives everything we do as a business.

The TLC approach recognises that there are always constraints that have a direct impact on the quality of the final result, from time to organisational culture to budget. We have a reputation for creating processes that provide individual solutions to fit your specific needs.

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The Difficulties of Measuring Performance in the Workplace

Performance in the workplace is tough to assess. Too often, bosses hold onto vague judgements about how "hard working” or “enthusiastic” an employee is, or how good they are at "leadership". In this warped world of subjective judgement, anecdote



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