How Are Employee Engagement Surveys Used Successfully Within Organisations Today?

Wednesday, 7 July 2013

Historically, the task of getting the entire workforce to complete a survey, collecting them, collating the data and analysing the results was huge one, and many companies wondered if it was worth the effort. Small businesses in particular, often did not have the available budget with which to conduct an effective engagement survey and act on the results.

However, these days technology has made things a lot easier and small to medium sized businesses can now benefit from engagement measuring methods that were previously only accessible to large corporations.

The rise of the online survey

Advances in Internet technology have resulted in the launch of several websites that allow individuals to design and launch their own employee engagement surveys.

Rather than relying on the classic 15 questions, companies are now free to develop their own surveys and move away from the one-approach-fits-all philosophy. It is possible for all survey taking and result analysis to be completed in-house on a shoestring budget.

Conducting any kind of survey electronically is much easier than traditional paper-based methods. Results can be measured and statistics compiled automatically and it is easy to keep track of who has and has not completed the survey, while still keeping results anonymous.

The result of this cheap and easy way of measuring employee engagement is that an increasing number of small businesses in the UK are recognising the potential benefits of measuring engagement and using online software as an effective method of surveying their staff.

Best practices for carrying out an employee engagement survey

When constructing a survey to measure engagement, it’s very important that questions are worded in a way to encourage feedback that is honest and constructive. For example, asking workers if they feel they are paid fairly may not be a good question, as some of your employees may see this as an opportunity to push for a raise.

You also need to make it clear to employees how the data will be used and demonstrate how responses are kept anonymous. Many employees may worry that there is some kind of electronic tag on each survey that will allow it to be traced back to them and this may affect their answers.

If your employees are taking the time to give you feedback, it is critical that you put a high priority on confidentiality, their opinions are listened to with respect and that data is analysed properly and acted on.

While it may be very easy to conduct a survey using one of the free sites such as SurveyMonkey, there are many advantages of having a bespoke system built that is tailored to your organisation.

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